Client Feedback

Mango Johnstone has an extraordinary grasp of the art and science of astrology.  Through years of study, life experience and innate intuition, Mango offers wise counsel and guidance according to one’s personal birth chart, solar returns, and the planetary positions at any given time.

With her detailed understanding of my birth chart and progressions, Mango has provided for me the most helpful, compassionate and accurate support through many life challenges as well as opportunities.

I have come to have tremendous respect and gratitude for Mango’s knowledge of astrology as a science and her application of it as an art form.

Without hesitation I would recommend Mango as an astrologer in excellence.

Rev S. B. RN, LMT

I have been interested in astrology for a long time, but did not know where to start. Then a friend recommended Mango, I jumped at the opportunity and scheduled an appointment! I came to Mango for a natal reading and a year forecast. She provided me incredible insight and opened my heart and expanded my understanding of self. The awareness that I received from my readings has given me significant clarification surrounding my family, personal relationships and career path. I felt that her observations and her analysis of my chart were extremely beneficial, especially surrounding my emotions, likes/dislikes and most importantly my health. I would highly recommend a reading by Mango to anyone who wants to grasp and acknowledge their individuality. What she can do for you will be especially meaningful if you are ready to dive deeper into the cosmos. Thanks again for everything! You have truly helped me; more than you know!


A dear friend of mine referred me to Mango for a reading of my birth chart and it was nothing short of amazing. My natal reading was so spot on for how I have experienced life that when I was having a hard  time it seemed appropriate to turn to the stars to get perspective on what was happening with me now. Mango’s transit reading offered so much clarity on challenges I had been faced with and to know that it was all perfectly aligned gave me the energy to keep on keeping on!

I also had Mango compare my chart to that of my partner of ten years. Her relationship comparison reading told me exactly what I knew I needed to do and gave me the needed clarity and validation to plot my next steps.

It’s two years later and I’m starting a new relationship. To begin a new book without the guidance of the stars seems crazy with what I know is available to me for information.  Mango is in the process of comparing my chart to that of my new partner. I’m super excited to see what it holds and to better understand the good and the challenges I will be facing. Having this insight helps me to feel more equipped as I move forward.

Mango’s readings are eerily accurate. Her observations are illuminating, reassuring, inspiring, and therapeutic. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance!

J.M. Business Consultant

At the time of my reading I was in a place of needing to gain a deeper understanding of my life. I felt drawn to astrology and had heard of birth chart readings and then a friend gave me one with Mango as Birthday gift.

My reading was beautiful. It gave me a lot of insight about who I want to be and who I am becoming already. The detail in which Mango knew things that no one else knows about me was unbelievable. Things I have never spoken aloud. It was like she reached inside me and pulled it all out.

In the months that have passed, it has helped direct what I already knew was inside me. My reading truly woke my senses to my inner self and gave me great energy to go forward.

This is an experience I would love for others to have.


In 2016 I experienced a concerning range of medical issues. One issue manifested into the need for a lung biopsy. The medical – physical journey took me into decisions that resulted in significant financial losses.  My mental – emotional – spiritual status was very depleted.  A dear friend suggested that I stop investing in self-blame, and suggested I schedule with Mango for a natal chart reading. I did. What she told me about my cosmic connections explained the energetic process I was experiencing.  This decision was a game changer. In my professional practice as a mental health counselor, I refer all clients who seem to be fighting an upward battle, only to fall down as well as others who simply want clarity about the path they are currently journeying on. This is 2019, with 2020 approaching. Life situations are shifting into a less congested, confusing roadway. Thanks for your devotion to your gift Mango!!


I’ve always had an interest in astrology but I felt like I could learn more. Once finding out I was a Gemini, when the whole time I thought I was a Taurus, I knew I had to dig deeper. Mango guided me on a journey like no other. She read my birth chart which was very validating. I didn’t feel crazy anymore; I was able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and how my life has played out up until now. I recommend everyone dig a little deeper into their birth chart; Mango is the perfect guide. She is caring, knowledgeable, and a very fascinating person to get to know!


I was compelled to receive a reading from Mango because I was curious to know what there is to know about myself: how everything within me and around me falls into place.

I am not entirely sure of what each specific reading was called, but I definitely received an in depth explanation of my chart. It was illuminating and validating; it helped me connect what I consciously know to what I had not yet put into words. With each session I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, others, and our interconnectedness. I have also gained a fuller picture of what goes into making a decision within my life specifically, which has helped me gain a sense of control amidst uncertainty. Everything has been therapeutic and empowering, because it adds to the construction of my life puzzle.

Mango is an incredibly thoughtful, thorough, and insightful person. I have truly benefited from each of our sessions together. While she comes prepared with important talking points, she is always open and eager to explore and enlighten me on topics that I bring to the table. I look forward to continuing to learn from her and gain more perspective on myself as well as on the world around me! I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone who is open to exploring their chart, whether that be for the first time or for the one-hundredth time. Each astrologer has their own unique style; Mango’s is worth working with!