In order to accurately cast your birth chart I need the date (day/month/year), time (including AM or PM), and the place of your birth. If you were born in a very small town, please provide the name of the nearest large town or small city.

In some cases your birth time may be recorded directly on your birth certificate. In others, in the US, the time is recorded in the office of birth and death statistics in the capitol of the state where you were born but is not listed on the certificate. If you were born at home, a family may have a recorded the time or may recollect. Click here for help in obtaining your birth certificate and to contact your office of vital statistics. Be sure to include that you are requesting your time of birth. 

Yes. While I recommend all clients have their birth charts read first, I am willing to do readings on any subject or area of focus within the scope of my knowledge. Please contact me with your specific request.

In some cases I am able to offer a sliding scale to clients who are experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me for more information.

Your reading will take place via ZOOM meeting or by telephone. If you choose to have a phone meeting you will be responsible for any recording you may wish to have of our session. If we meet by Zoom, I will send you a link to download your recording within 24 hours of our meeting. I also offer in-person sessions at my home. Due to the prevalence of COVID19 and other severe respiratory infections that continue to circulate, if we meet indoors, I ask that you wear a mask.

Most clients check in at least once a year for a general update. Life events such as a birth or death in the family, a new relationship or career change are also good times to have a consult. Clients who are experiencing especially challenging periods of transition may purchase blocks of sessions for a reduced hourly rate. 

At this time I offer one-on-one tutoring to serious students at any level of study. Please contact me here for more information.