Extended Support for Navigating Challenging Transitions*

This service provides support through a deeper dive into the astrology of your personal journey. Through a series of monthly sessions offered at a reduced rate, you’ll receive guidance based on monthly lunar cycles, lunar returns, and the shorter transits of the inner planets as they unfold against the backdrop of longer term cycles.

This type of support can be helpful in a broad range of circumstances as every part of life has an astrological reflection and correlation.

Situations of those who have benefited in the past include:

   *beginnings and endings of romantic relationships 

   *healing from patterns of codependency

   *running for public office

   *adjusting to a medical illness

   *changing careers mid-life

Whether pursuing a goal, navigating a bumpy relationship, or coping with a loss, you’ll benefit from astute and compassionate astrological counsel from someone who is experienced in the challenges of life’s vicissitudes.

Bundles of 3 or more consecutive monthly sessions can be pre-booked at a rate of $110 USD an hour. Single follow-up sessions are offered at an hourly rate of $125 USD.  If you find you need more than an hour in any given session, you can purchase more time in 30 minute increments as you go at the same rate.

Click here to book a session via ZOOM. 

Click here to book a session at my home in Maine

You will be invoiced after your appointment.

*This service requires that you’ve already had a birth chart and forecast reading with me, or a hybrid reading, along with a determination that we’re a good fit for working together.

**Please note: I’m not a licensed mental health professional and do not offer ongoing astrological counseling for those coping with psychiatric illnesses or disorders.