Saturn Square Uranus

Aspect of the Week (and in this case the year!): perfecting June 14, 2021, Saturn Square Uranus

The second of three exact squares from Saturn to Uranus occurs today. The first occurred on Feb 17, and the last occurs on Dec 24. In short, the planet of stability is at odds with the planet of radical change. This aspect carries with it the power to disrupt  many aspects of daily life as it reflects the problematic relationship we have created with the earth and its natural resources which we depend on for modern life. During the first exact square, an ice storm of historic proportions left millions of people across Texas without heat, electricity or running water in sub-freezing temperatures. This aspect also highlights the need and demand for change affecting many of our social, cultural, governmental and economic institutions. During this second square, Saturn may have the upper hand, but ultimately Uranus will have it’s way, and major changes will come affecting the aforementioned. While this aspect technically completes in late December of 2021, the influence continues to be strong throughout 2022. The two planets again come within one degree of exact square in October of 2022.

drawing by Magnus Johnstone ©2021

Mango Johnstone is an astrologer and visual artist living in Maine, U.S.A.