Saturn Square Uranus

Aspect of the Week: perfecting December 24, 2021, Saturn square Uranus

The third of three exact squares from Saturn to Uranus occurs on December 24. The first occurred on Feb 17, and the second on June 14. In short, the planet of stability has been at odds with the planet of radical change for most of 2021. While this is the final exact square, the aspect will continue to influence us in 2022, retrograding to within a degree of exactitude next October. The need for innovation continues to affect our social, cultural, governmental and economic institutions. The chasm between our technologically evolved selves and our relationship with the earth’s natural resources needed for survival illuminates the consequences and limitations of  what we call ‘progress’.

Drawing by Magnus Johnstone © 2021

Mango Johnstone is an astrologer and visual artist living in Maine, U.S.A.