Venus in Capricorn: Triumphant Love Meets Tragic Death: Part II

 Introduction: This is a true story of love, art and death. It’s told loosely here in paintings created over the course of a Saturn cycle between 1988-2016. Venus rises in Capricorn in my birth chart, out of bounds, at 17 &18 degrees respectively, in tight trine to Uranus & Pluto in the 8th and in sextile to Neptune & Moon in the 10th. The purpose of sharing it here is to provide insight into the depths of this often misunderstood planetary placement.

“Alpha & Omega” Oil on Board by Mango Johnstone ©2016-2022


Part II of III

(If you missed Part I you can read it here)

I convince him not to give up. His Cancer Sun sits on my descendant and I want to take care of him. I remember a strange dream I have just before we meet. In it a grown man turns into a sick baby and is placed in my lap. We move to an apartment together and he embarks on a year of treatment in hopes of becoming eligible for a bone marrow transplant.

“The World” oil on board by Mango Johnstone ©1988-2022


The remission is achieved and we marry the day before his scheduled admission to the hospital. Venus, Jupiter and the moon’s north node are conjunct in Scorpio and we time the ceremony for 10 am so the conjunction will be rising. Transiting Neptune and Uranus are conjunct my Venus and ascendant and in exact opposition to his Sun. I’m in the midst of my first Saturn return and I’m determined to save him.

capricorn venus gets marries in the hospital

“Wedding” oil on board by Mango Johnstone ©1995-2022


The transplant unit has special rules for visiting as the patients have no working immune systems. Masks, gloves and gowns have to be worn at all times. The initial hospital stay lasts about six weeks; the period of quarantine is a year.

capricorn venus in mask gloves and gown

“Hospital Honeymoon” oil on board by Mango Johnstone ©2001-2022


Love and art sustain us as his new immune system grows. There are many ups and downs but a year later he can finally come out of quarantine. There’s a big party to celebrate everything. Even his doctor, wife and their newborn baby come.

surreal lovers

“Green Love” oil on board by Mango Johnstone ©1997-2022


We create many more paintings and drawings. This one we sit in front of is called ‘Magnetism’. He creates the underpainting in 1975 when I’m 10. I finish it in 2005 when I’m 40. It measures 4.5 by 6 feet and hangs in my kitchen. His Sun-Venus conjunction trines my Moon-Neptune conjunction.

“Magnetism” painting by Magnus & Mango Johnstone, drawing by Mango Johnstone for Magnus Johnstone©2005-2022


Every year he draws a valentine for me. This one is a portrait of our family. He loves anime and I love Totoro. We count our two cats as children. He makes it for Valentine’s Day 2006, as the Jupiter cycle we were married under wraps up.totoro in a tree with 2 people and 2 cats

Valentine for Mango ©2006-2022 by Magnus Johnstone


End of Part II, stay tuned for Part III coming on March 3, 2022!

data for charts used in this story: Cap-Venus 11.22.1965 10:25AM Boston, MA, Magnus Johnstone 7.14.1952 2:51 PM CDT Chicago, IL, Wedding 9.29.1994 10 AM Boston, MA, Death of Magnus Johnstone 2/22/2013 5:54 PM Hancock, ME


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Mango Johnstone is an astrologer and visual artist living in Maine, U.S.A.