Winter 2023 & the Fall 2022 Eclipses


Mango Johnstone and Stormie Grace discuss the effects of the Fall 2022 Eclipses on YouTube
Mango and Stormie discuss the ongoing influence of the Fall 2022 Eclipses on YouTube –Click the Pic to Play

The November 8, 2022 lunar eclipse was an especially powerful one. As we make our way through Winter and Spring 2023, we’ll continue to see its effects play out, speaking to the many changes coming our way this year.

Mars, planet of action and the planetary ruler of the fall 2022 eclipses, entered Gemini back in August. Due to a lengthy retrograde period (10/30/22-1/12/23) this usually speedy planet will finally leave Mercury’s domain on March 26th, after nearly 7 months.

Before transitioning into Cancer however, Mars will form the last of 3 hard squares to Neptune on March 15th. (The first occurred 10/12/22 and the second on 11/19/22.) Out of bounds and in Gemini, Mars tends to drive us round and round in circles, creating conditions which in one way or another call on us to do everything twice. Whether we’ve changed our minds or smacked into various roadblocks, we may have had to go back for a re-do of things we tried to put in motion earlier in the fall. A fair amount of frustration and resulting fatigue is par for the circular course of this transit. For those directly affected, I liken the experience to driving down a long narrow highway while looking through the lens of a broken kaleidoscope.

Another image emerges from a Grimm’s fairy tale I read as a child. Excerpted from: “The True Bride”:

“There is a spoon for thee; with that thou must empty out for me the great pond which is beside the garden, and if it is not done by night, thou knowest what will happen.” The girl took the spoon, and saw that it was full of holes; but even if it had not been, she never could have emptied the pond with it. She set to work at once, knelt down by the water, into which her tears were falling, and began to empty” 

In a nutshell, some of us may have expended an awful lot of effort and may still be having a tough time seeing desired results or a clear way forward. Fortunately the light at the end of this particular tunnel is nearly in sight, becoming visible shortly after the astrological new year begins on March 21st.

In this second conversation with YouTube astrologer Stormie Grace, we discuss several examples of how this eclipse has been playing out in the personal lives of those whose charts were directly impacted. If your chart was in the line of fire, you’ll find you are in good company. If you’re a student of astrology, this conversation may be a useful learning tool. Also for students, I‘ve created a downloadable introductory guide for eclipse interpretation which you can find here:

Mango Johnstone is an astrologer and visual artist living in Maine, U.S.A.

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